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Inquiring minds want to know ???

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Hi Everyone!

It's been a bit. I have been working hard of late working on cobbling a useable version of an OSR game, that is not on the ones offered in FG. I'm hoping this one is more exceptable to my group. Jim kind of put the kabosh on Dungeon Crawl Classic. Short and sweet ... Jim said' "I will NEVER play that game!" I wish I had known that before I made the investment. Jim is not the most polite indivigual. Personally I think it was that DCC is not optimized for mid maxing. I don't know if my next choice is any better. I'm looking at trying Black Sword Hack.

Has anyone tried this game?

I haven't but I've read the books, seen some youtube videos and some live play.

It seems sleak and easyplaying and I actually like the creature creation system ... However looking at stats would probably give Jim a heart attack. It is very D&D like.

So if its D&D adjacent then why not play the World's most popular role playing game?

Well ... personally ... of lately, I have not been two happy with both the behavior and quality of WOTC.

And I guess I'm not alone.\

Anyway we will see what Jim has to say. If he kicks up his heels again I think I'm going to say, "Well Jim you don't have to join the group.

I hope FOMO kicks in

Well ... I have had a few kind people offer me support and were courious about the challenges that my stroke has imposedon me.

First off ... I can't drive. so no scooting over to my friends' house to play a quicj 8 hours. Tank the Dice Gods for FG. Secondly, I get tired easily. It seems to take twice the time and effort to get half the results. Also not seeing well has not improved my typing skills And all those pretty maps that I collected and made ... Well now ... they ae just a mish mosh of a confusing mess. In fact stranglet enough I can still lay down the line of sight I just have trouble with the torches. So, I'm going old school with the Fog of War.

... Oh don,t let me forget. Short Term Memory Loss.

Did I meantion about my Short Term Memory loss.

So my Best Friend will are going to give BSH a whirl. Hopefully we both have a good time.

I'll let you know how it turned out.

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