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Dungeon 23

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What is the meaning of two posts in two days. Who are you and what have you done witn John?

Don"t you hate coming late to the party?

I do.

But here I am.

So I don"t know, with all the YouTube I watch that I didn't see this.

Called The Dungeon 23 Challenge is atribited to Shawn McCoy, creator of The Mother ship. The concept is simple. One creates a mega dungeon. It consist of a dungeon with 12 levels and 365 rooms. A room for every day.

Wow this is monumental! Certainly challenging enough ... but ramped up considering I have Roughly half the time to get it done by the new year. 173 days, 24 weeks,or 5 months.

My plan is to try and catch up and document my progress every week. Definately ambitous.

So I guess I better get cracking!!!

Wish me luck!

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Updated September 4th, 2023 at 18:09 by Moon Wizard

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