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teaching an old dog a new trick

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Ok... so given with what has been going on lately with WOTC and just in general with my life I have to make some changes. With only half a brain, I need to go in a somewhat new direction. I at first thought about switching to Dungeon Crawl Classic but when I suggested it to my group, one of my long time players ... our friendly neighbor hood "That Guy" threw a fit. "I WILL NEVER PLAY THAT GAME!!!"

I'll be honest it kind of took the stuffing out of me. After all, therte I was recovering from a stroke ... Half blind ... and that was the support he gave me?! I was looking to create a Viking Campaign on the request of another player. I was looking at a very low level magic campaign.


So ... it was back to sqare one.

so here I am watchin' Da YouTube and I,m watching Proffesser Dungeon Master. He's on his Independent games plug. He brings up a rules light game called "Black Sword Hack." The more I listened the more I was leaning towards his pitch.

Black Sword Hack. So have any of you played this baby?

HELL!!! Have any of you even heardof it?

For the uninitiated this game is a streamed down roll lower D20 that has a touch of Elric and Stormbringer. Its only 10 levels. No XP to keep track of (You level up when you finish the apropriate number of adventures. 90 pecent of the damage is a D6 and your taken damage is reduced by ... wait for it ... your armor classification. The DM doesn't even roll. the player rolls to hit, but then rolls to defend. Spells are simplified to a description of a few lines.

Best of all I think tweeking this for my viking campaign will be a lot less work.

And that is something I could go for.

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