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Kingmaker & Others..

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Our Bloodsworn Vale game is cancelled tonight because Peanut is still out of town and one of the other guys is also tied up.

Tuesday night's Kingmaker game was lots of fun. We leveled up to 6th ... mostly by the firepower of our Sylph Wizard Elyse. Spriggalundricandricandri, my Gnome Nature Oracle, tried to be a bit too offensive against the undead.. picked up a negative level both for myself and my wolf Shadow. Ugh. Gotta figure out how much 2 restoration spells cost. Dangit. We picked up a good bit of loot though so hopefully it'll all be good in the end. Elyse needs to start crafting some magical gear ASAP. I hope she won't need to wait until winter.

Hrm... found the cost: 1000gp for the diamond dust component.. plus Caster level spell level 10 gp... Restoration is SL 4.. so an 7th level cleric is required... I could cast it myself at level 8.. I wonder if I could do it from a scroll somehow... yikes! The scrolls cost 700 each.. definitely cheaper to have someone else cast it...
10x7x4... 280? So 1280 each or 2560gp all together for both Shadow and Sprigg. That's not that bad. The trick is finding a 7th Level cleric.

I don't have any more games upcoming until Sunday morning's Rise of the Runelords game. Then Monday Night we have lachancery is running a Pathfinder Society game.. Rivalry's End... this one is the wrapup for the Shadow Lodge.. sounds like it should be pretty cool. I'm looking forward to it.

My Current Game Schedule includes:
  • Sunday: Rise of the Runelords (Morning), Monthly FtF PFS Scenarios (Afternoon), Reign of Winter (Evening Every Other Week), Skulls & Shackles (Evening Every Other Week - ON HOLD)
  • Monday: Legacy of Fire (Evening)
  • Tuesday: Kingmaker (Evening)
  • Wednesday: RMC Greyhawk (Evening - ON HOLD)
  • Thursday: Bloodsworn Vale (Evening)

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