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News form the Wednesday group.

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As the Young Adventurers made their way back out of the 'Crypt of the Everflame' back to their home Town Kassen, they found a dead Young Emerald Enclave Agent, who died due to an accident that made him fall of his horse.
Back in their hometown the great 'Welcome Back' Party get cancelled, and a somewhat depressed mood catched the town.
At least the holy everflame came back to Kassen.

A half year later, our Heros, scattered around the land, each get into a fight with a Skeleton, that was teleported to them. All of them won their fight, just to find themselfe in a giant room filled with all kind of golden stuff.

No surprise that is the lair of an Dragon - an very very old Golden Dragon named 'Ragvala the Coinmaker'. He offers them a achance to join in an great Adventure
Offer was accepted, and soon the Party flew 20.000 foot high over the moon see Region atop a giant old friendly Dragon.

The quest is to find a Long gone lut in the quivering forest, a Task Ragval cant do, cause he simply is to big, and to old to shapeshift.
In the forest it easy to get lost, so they ran into an area with a bear trap. Three times!

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