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DCC - Und a starless Sea (#67), session 2 (06-21-2020)

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Yesterday evenning session 2 of my first attempt to run an DCC Adventure, the funnel 'Under s starless sea' found our brave Players at then entrance of Lelvel 2, so now comming down to the starless ea itself.

One Player joined new, so first some reorganizning of gear went on, then the brave commoners went down.

At the beginning everything went very smooth, they found the hidden chamber, but failed to identifie the ring, went on o inspect the dread hall, got the skull from the fetid pool, found the Robes, made one pc wear one.

All of them got the the beach, one climbed the Menhir, lights the candle. and so calls the boat, which thy entered.

On their way the tentacles of a super giant Chaos Leviathan appeared, but richt in the first the PCs had the Right idea, burnt some incense in the censer and could caryy on.

I guess this was the Point where one Player stated 'this is much easier than the upper level'... well not long later they fund themselself in batteling 22 Beastman, 3 Acolytes and a Evil priest on various places of the pyramid..

Tis batttle took a looong time so the Group decided to call it a day and go on next week…

This time FGU did ist Job. No Connection issues, no one dropped. My added LOS worked. Some short blue ring phases, so anything as to be expected from a beta Version.

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