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Session 9 was a wash.

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I started out by falling asleep in my chair like, two hours before the session, and only woke up to my players all waiting patiently for me in Discord, 2 hours+ after our original starting time.

Took me a while to get into gear, I was such a mess, and then FGU started being FGU, hahaha. We're going to switch over to FGC for a while. I'll still regularly import the campaign to FGU, and maybe we'll try it out more later on, but I owe these guys better than I've been giving 'em.

--Level 1 DM

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  1. Sarteck's Avatar
    Step 1: Get FGC Running.
    Step 2: Port over the characters.
    Step 3: Port over the images, portraits, and Tokens.
    There is no 4.
    Step 5: Port over anything relavent from the campaign.
    Step 6: Have players connect and test **** out.
  2. SmittyMcSmite's Avatar
    Yikes, I cant even get mine to come online when they say they will......you DM the **** out of the next few sessions!

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