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Next weeks schedule

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The next weeks plans are:

Yepp, big step for me. Im starting with something small, the 5e Module 'A Dragons Breath'. Small so i can see progress on the work. Still a bit of work since im translating it to german. The other Clover circle Adventures will follow.

After all this remainds me on why i choosed FG over all other VTTs, i like the workflow and simplicity.

Sunday: running DCC 'Under a starless Sea'
So far dozens of poor townsfolk died, trying to storm the cursed Castle. They died fighting cruel Bushes, naugthy Beastmen, and very unfriendly well.
These brave men and women handled a crypt very well, finally freed some of their neighbours, and will next enter level 2. The gods may bless them....

My work now is to prepare not only the next session, but also the next adventure, the even more exciting 'Doom of the savage King'

Wednesday: running A Dragons Breath'
the wedensday 5e group fought their way through the classic PF Module 'Crypt of the everflame'. They did it bravel and succesfull with their lvl 1 part, and now its time to meet a Dragon, in 'A dragons Breath'.

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