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Fight Pit

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The above is the battle map of a pit fight arena that I used in last Wednesday's game . At 3 o'clock and 9 are holding cells. If you are using Unity, you can do LoS on the cells to have a dramatic reveal of oppennents. At 12 and 6 are guard towers. I manned them with guards randomly aiming crossbows loaded stunning bolts to shoot combatants. (They are stunned to the end of their next turn.)There is at least one wizard posted to undo any spell that might interfere with the audience's enjoyment. (Had a magic user produce a cloud to obscure movement, the wizard created a gust of wind.) There are 5 disks on the ground that randomly light up. (You make a rollable table) and a random spell goes off which may either help or harm the charter standing on the illuminated disk. (Make a rollable disk or in a pinch use the Wild Magic table)

We did a battle royal and had a blast with pre-rolled characters but they are looking forward to fighting monsters as a team. I have four groups of creatures already set and may throw in a 5th before we actually play. I plan not to allow them to rest in game time and reward the killing blow with a healing potion.

This should be good for just a throw together sesion, particularly for getting your feet wet in unity.

Have Fun!!!
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Updated March 27th, 2020 at 17:20 by mhorgunn

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  1. Rachael Kunkel's Avatar
    This is a really cool idea, and a clever way to take advantage of LOS. I'm really looking forward to trying something similar in my campaign. Thanks!
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