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The human rights of monsters

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I'm probably halfway through the layering export process, and everything is proceeding with zero problems.
I really prefer if my SimplePlus skin is used, over the default FG one, but that should be up to personal preference. Only the sheet will remain graphically altered.

Took most of the day off to consult videos about sociopathy. There is a lot of poor definitions on the subject of anti-social personality disorder, with licenced shrinks strongly confusing psychopathy with sociopathy. Some claim that sociopaths are too egocentric to be able to feel love, but I can, so maybe I'm just a-social then. I'm not a manipulative type either. I'm just torn open. I am dangerous to others and I hide it because I'm deeply ashamed of it. I hurt people, and it just feels okay for me to do that. It doesn't feel wrong. They removed that part of my brain.
...so should I feel ashamed of it, or not? Should I feel ashamed for the rest of my life, for just existing in a damaged state? Am I better off dead? Every time I eat I want to die, and yet I choose to live. Is that evil of me? Do only humans have a right to live in this world?

Just wrote a draft for a Kult adventure. Sometimes inspiration strikes.

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