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Almost at beta release

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I finally made most of page 2, and made the portrait show up again.
I also aligned the front page icons, and made a scroll button.
Soon I'll be exporting my ruleset to a stand-alone layer, and ship the beta over to esmdev, but there's no rush since I'm well within schedule, so I might sneak in a few other changes here and there before that. We'll see.

Also, I must not forget fixing the attributes: Need to tag them and stuff. I also don't like that they're in color - they're too distracting.

The reason why I've been putting off layering my ruleset, is because I don't want to juggle two sets of folders at once. For example, if I search for a keyword, I want all the hits, in both the modified and the unmodified files. With a layered ruleset, I'd have to make two searches. That's why I'm exporting it as a last thing.

I like the result. I figured that there would be lots of character sheets which would have altered graphics, but if you look at The Strange character sheet, it uses the same default textures as Core RPG.
Kult's sheet has a very basic style, though: I didn't need to be that artistic about it.

Added a nice custom scrollbar, and added a nice tooltip box that's actually for my SimplePlus skin extension. Next up I'll probably see if I can do something about the multi-lines always being visible. Should probably move the close button as well, if possible, and separate it from the default one. My intention is that the character sheet shouldn't intrude on the rest of the skin.

Update #2:
Done and done. Made lines appear only while the multi-line fields are being edited. (Learned that you press Esc to make a field lose focus.) Also aligned and separated the close button.

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