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Lots and lots of easy stuff

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The way that I've tackled this project, seems to be a good approach: You do what you feel that you can handle. Usually that means that you do the easy stuff and the groundwork.

...and the easy stuff isn't to be underestimated. Usually that amounts to a lot of work. I'm still not done with the easiest stuff, like creating and aligning page 2. Most people underestimate projects. They'll go "I have this amazing idea for a game, and now I just need to make it. I know how, and so it'll just take maybe a week to actually type it down.". No. Even the easy stuff takes lots of time, and if you rush things, without commenting code, it will inevitably make things harder later on. Be thorough and be methodical. Do the boringly easy stuff well and be patient. You haven't learned actual respect and humility for creators, until you've actually gone through the process of creating. It will teach you a lot about tending to detail after detail, that you just took for granted as a watcher.

...and once the easiest stuff is all done, it won't distract you when you then move on to tackle something harder. You won't fumble around in the dark as much, or encounter scenarios where you find that you really needed things to be aligned, for things to align against.

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