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Starting to give up

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Entertainment is a horrible poison of the mind. It wastes your time with escapism, as garbage, mould and rot builds up around you, and your body becomes feeble and malnourished.
We have buried our society in so much entertainment, that its diet isn't mainly human souls any longer, but other forms of entertainment. We have created a monster like a shark, who will eat its own children, and we worship it, because we're nothing but junkies at heart.

...and so that's my case for still not working on the character sheet: I shouldn't.
What I should do, is the dishes, and clean the toilet, and eat, and lots of other things, that are actually important to my survival. ...and maybe watch more YouTube, and movies, and play all those video games I bought, "'cause daddy needs his fix".
...but we'll see. I'll give this project another week, before I decide that it's dead, and hand it over to somebody else to finish.

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Updated January 4th, 2020 at 15:51 by MooCow




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