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Figuring out margins

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I'm at my wits end with trying to add margins to a label. Offset is made for making margins, but they don't work properly with backcolor, so I'll probably have to do some scripting. I think the solution finally nears, though, and that actual progress will be made.

I tore some nerve in my pinkie finger yesterday. I still have diminshed feeling in it. A bit worrying, but I've healed such things before. A human bit me there once, trying to get loose. I used to live by "asking questions first", but that obviously doesn't work. Humans are such unreasonable creatures.

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  1. dberkompas's Avatar
    Methane, which is emitted when cows belch, is the second most common greenhouse gas on the planet but its effect on the atmosphere is about thirty times more harmful than that of CO2. The political agenda is set on curbing CO2 emissions, leaving the issue of methane emissions often untouched.

    So, my question to you. Why are you a cow? Are you deliberately trying to destroy the planet. No wonder humans bite you.
  2. MooCow's Avatar
    I demand grains instead of grass, or I will fart again.
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