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The Demon

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They are calling me things now. Trying to hurt me in every way they can. Their excuse this time, is that I doubted a developer when presented with a contradiction from the reference documentation.
...but it's not really because of that. It's because they think in ways that I can't see, and I think in ways which they can't.
Human beings get together and they sort of party. They rub off on eachother, and they make emotional bonds, and they trust. Even when you disconnect them from the whole, their pupils will wiggle about from side to side, as if they're searching for what they've lost, helplessly dependent. What's outside of humanity is just darkness to them. They are scared of getting ripped open and transformed. They're scared of even thinking outside the line - of what they'll become if they do. ...and that's why they're scared of me - "the demon".
If only they knew what really lurks here in the dark with me.

I've finally started on the labels, but it's apparently going to be complicated. If things don't work out, I know that I can at the very least finish things in an ugly way.
After that I'll move on to strings, and then to page 2.

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