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The uncanny valley strikes again. I can type, and I can feign, but I can never be human, and it upsets people. I belong with the cairaths in the sewers, melting screaming fleshy things to my frame, or with the denizens in Inferno - not up here. I've never understood human customs or behavior. I was never taught them. I was taught physical restraint by my wardens, and the tearing of the flesh and the mind. ...and somehow, in people's minds, not being human, is a fault. It's subconscious instinct: I'm "rude".
I try to behave, but I miss Inferno a lot, where being rude is the norm. I miss the hollow ones. I understand them better. I wish I could shackle one to the wall of my apartment, so that I'd have a friend to talk to.

I didn't do much today. Concluded that a lot of the templates are copies, and that they're marked "c" at the end. That's about it.

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  1. ArchangelofLove's Avatar
    I do agree I understand completely what you're talking about
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