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Winter has come

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There: Now I'm properly dressed for the season. Wool long johns and my thickest socks finally brings me a bit of warmth inside my apartment, that somehow keeps getting colder and colder every year. I can't type well with gloves on, so I don't really know what to do about my hands. Last year I got such freeze burns that my hands started bleeding and I couldn't wash my dishes, and they're flaring up again this year already.

They told me they'll send some inspectors over to check on it next year. I hear that condemned buildings have to lower their rent by law.

The sheet is barely proceeding, but it's being worked on. Learned that templates weren't as powerful as I thought - only one control per template, apparently, text widgets being an exception. That's okay. I'll manage.

You know what? If I can find my MMA gloves, they are fingerless...

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