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Getting my feet wet

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So to start off with I am an old hack when it comes to computers and role playing games.... have been farting around with both since about 1983. Yes I am an old fart! However I have nadda experience in VTTs and Fantasy Grounds.

Everybody usually starts out at zero before becoming proficient in a skill/craft. I know I have had a ton of crappy projects because of lack of skill. The difference between failure and learning is taking what you screwed up on and learning how to do it better.

I've bought the Savage Worlds Adventurer Edition from the store and (will buy later) an Ultimate Key for FG.

I burnt out on fantasy decades ago. I do enjoy some fantasy once in a while but it's not really my thing. That said, Endless Realms is different enough to be a fresh take on fantasy for me and might hopefully be a future project.

Started playing around with making a campaign last night. I'm sure there will be be a few goofs in there.

There is a Savage Gamma World Revisited fan made product out there from 2007. I'm looking for the author. Even though it's fan made I want to get the author's permission to swipe his stuff for a conversion. He's a guy who did it out of the love of gaming and the setting. I want to give credit where credit is due.

So far just have two or three races made up and want to get more down (take advantage of the day off). I love Gamma World and for me this is a labor of love and a great way to try to get my feet wet with learning Fantasy Grounds.

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    Hey we all have to start somewhere, right? I've always wanted to, but never have delved into the realms of Sci Fi in a RPG environment. I recall the little black books of Traveller and was always curious.....
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