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not my fault

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so this is my first time doing a blog... not even sure what the word blog is... but iv decided to just write one out any time my party i gm for does something very silly. i think ill call this the first blog of a series called "not my fault"

so players walk into temple find bombs wired and lights flashing take out enemies and find detonator on one of their bodies. party decides to take all the bombs.... without disarming them. To one of their credit one of them did ask if their was an off switch, which i gave the honest answer of no. so not even 10 mins later did they encounter the final boss who just so happened to also have a detonate (again i didn't just fluff this it was published content) which he triggered. the party was ment to disarm them and the boss would be upset that the temple was not destroyed but since that's not the path they decided to walk. so the resulting explosion resulted in crater leaving nothing but dust in the wind.

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Tags: death, player, stupid


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