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Goat update! Well, Fauns actually.

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You can find my creations on the DMs Guild.

It's been a while, but we did it. Onyxr and I added a new set of three subraces to the Fauns pdf! The Fantasy Grounds module has been updated as well. For everyone that already purchased it, you should be getting a notification about the update from the DMs Guild. You can get the updated files here.

The new subraces are the Tundra Fauns, a descendant of mountain fauns who have adapted to the tundra plains; the Seaside Fauns, coastal fauns that have adapted for life in the water as well as on land; and the Grove Fauns, satyr-like fauns that love flutes and easily make friends. Each one of these subraces has a few unique traits, just like the previous batch, and a unique spin on the Faun way of life. Onyxr created a new image for the pdf as well.

On top of this update, we're already working on another set of three subraces, along with some racial feats just for Fauns. I'll be sure to make a new blog post when this second update comes along.

As a reminder, you can check out some of Onyxr's other artwork here.

I hope you all enjoy the update!

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  1. Caelen's Avatar
    I recently discovered a new tool to make the pdfs look super pretty. Watch for updates :3
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