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Useful shortcuts and tips to use in Fantasy Grounds

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This is a list of useful "Tips & Tricks" for the Fantasy Grounds VTT, contributed by users on the forums. I tried to credit everyone who provided anything on the list. You can find the original post stickied in The Tavern.

*Dragging the "Next Actor / End Turn" button from the Combat Tracker to a hotkey.
Especially useful for players who may not always have the Combat Tracker open.

*Dragging Damage/Healing/Attack Rolls/Spell Saves from chat to token or combat tracker.
Nice to have if you or a player forget to target something before rolling. This will apply damage/heal, show if you hit or not and force a save against the target.

*[CTRL] + Drag and Drop Damage or Healing from chat to a token or player/npc on combat tracker.
This will reverse whatever was done originally. Example: Player is targeting wrong monster and rolls damage. You can hold [CTRL] while dragging the roll from chat back to that monster and it will heal back the damage done.{Does the reverse if it was a heal} (Just be aware that if they have any effect like unconscious this will not remove it) Saves you from doing math and removing wounds etc..

*Holding [SHIFT] while clicking or dragging damage will make the damage roll as a critical hit.
Helpful if you or a player forget to target something before the roll. Faster than opening the "Modifiers" (+/-) button and choosing critical.

*Dragging /lighting COLOR-HEX-CODE to a hotbar and then renaming it.
If you are a GM that likes to use custom background colors for caves, dusk/dawn, if a player dies etc.. You can type /lighting ff0000 for example and then drag that from chat before you press enter and place it in a hotkey. Then right click on hotkey and rename it "Player Death" so you can change the mood dramatically & quickly. (Great Resource for Color Hex Codes is: http://www.color-hex.com/color-palettes/popular.php

*Dragging Images Directly into FG Folder while game is running.
Instead of navigating to a directory and copy/paste images for your campaigns you can just drag the image directly into whatever Image group you have open in FG. Great for adding a map/image during a game or just quickly getting things prepared.

*Right clicking while dragging dice to add more.
Great for casters or anyone who wants to add dice without editing their spells. Example: Your wizard casts Chromatic Orb at 3rd Level. While they are dragging the damage to the creature they can right click twice to add the two extra damage dice they receive for casting at a higher level. This feature has tons of uses.

*Editing Weapon Meta on the Action Tab.
At the top of the Action Tab where it says "WEAPONS" you can click the magnifying glass and increase the critical range for melee/ranged and add extra dice as well. (Brutal Critical)(Improved Critical)

*Holding [SHIFT] while dragging multiples of the same item. "Grabbing the whole stack"
If you or a player is moving a stack of items like 5 Rations from the party sheet to their inventory or vice-versa they can hold [SHIFT] and drag all 5 at once. Much faster than dragging five times.

**User Added Content**

*Clicking both mouse buttons to create a quick arrow/pointer
Great for players and GMs who want to quickly point to something on a map or image. Simply click both mouse buttons and drag to the area you want to address.You can also:
[SHIFT]+both mouse buttons = draw a Square
[CTRL]+both mouse buttons = draw a Circle (Halfront)
[ALT]+both mouse buttons = draw a Cone

Both mouse buttons clicked without moving the mouse will *clear* the figure drawn this way.(Andraax)

*Vote / Ready Check in Chat Window.
You can use the /vote feature to check if everyone is ready to play at the beginning of a session or after a break. Or you can give an anonymous vote to your group for a binary choice. Examples: /vote Ready? or /vote Check mark to continue playing or X to stop for the night. When clicking on the circles that show up in chat one click makes a check two makes an x. This allows your group to make a decision without feeling pressured because it is anonymous.(You can even cover questions with 3 answers by giving third choice to leave the circle blank)

*Using the middle mouse button to move around the map.(Halfront)
You can navigate large maps and images with the middle mouse button instead of using the navigate button on the bottom right of a map/image.

*Middle mouse to accept movement of tokens when they are locked.(madman)
As a DM/GM you can just click the middle mouse button over a token instead of right clicking and choosing accept move. Great time saver!

*Middle mouse button on "hidden" rolls / text in the GM's chat window shares the hidden roll with players.(Andraax)
Instead of dragging rolls and other hidden text out of chat and dropping it back in just click the "Middle Mouse Button".

*While in mask mode holding [SHIFT] while drawing to unmask.
This allows a GM to unmask things more natrually. Instead of cropping out a square you can hold SHIFT and draw curves, circles or any shape you want to reveal.
(LordEntrails) added:
Holding [CTRL] will re-mask using the rectangle.
Holding [CTRL]+[SHIFT] will re-mask using the freehand tool.

*Holding [CTRL] while left clicking to resize maps or images.(Moon Wizard)
If you hold [CTRL] and left click on a map/image you can move the mouse up and left to resize or down and right to zoom in.(Or middle mouse wheel for zoom)
^You can use this same method to resize any window within FG: Story, Table, Items, etc. Very handy tip!(GarthGiantbane)

*Dragging GREEN helmet on the Combat Tracker to an image places tokens of all Friendly units in Combat tracker on the image.(Three of Swords)
Very useful for adding tokens for all the PCs to a map. Same with Yellow and Red, though usually those are already set up in an Encounter.

*Use the Modifier box in the lower-left to add or subtract large values to things like Gold pieces on a character sheet.(Three of Swords)
That way the math is done automatically. If you sell an item for 3482 gp, type that number into the Modifier box and drag it to your gold pieces field on your character sheet to add it. To subtract, either type a negative value into the modifier field, or hit CTRL when dropping a positive value on to the gold pieces field to remove the coins.

*Right clicking on the chat window and selecting unlock position will let you resize chat window & move it to another location on the desktop.(mac40k)
With desktop real estate being at a premium useful to shrink the chat window to the smallest possible as you can always scroll back to earlier entries as needed.
^You can do the same thing (unlock) the dice tower and re-position it as well. You can move the dice too if you don't like their position.(LordEntrails)

If you know of a cool Tip or Trick that isn't listed above feel free to comment below or reply to the original thread. Thanks!

Happy Gaming

Skillkoil aka Dallas

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    Sadly most only work on a classic PC or Notebook, but I gladly bookmark this nonetheless. Thank you.
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