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Message of the day

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If one has used Fantasy Grounds for any length of time, you have probably interacted with Delux-Oz. Incredibly active, this man seems to have a helpful answer for everything posted. He also has created mods and extensions that definitely dial up this tabletop up a couple levels. If I get into a discussion about FG over Roll 20 ... I say we got Delux-Oz.

Thank you, Good Sir, for all you do.

The extension I would like to highlight with this post is the "Message of the Day".

I had passed this one by until I caught Delux-Oz on Rob Twohy's "Everything Fantasy Grounds". (You are watching this show ... aren't you? And if not ... why not?) What I like about this extension is you can send your players a message at the start up. You can share a synopsis. You can share a joke or a NPC's threat. It can help set the mood. It's just a point of fun to start the game with.

My message for tonight's game is to remind them that they are in a sandbox and they have choices.

Fate has brought you to an intersection,
but it is up to you to choose a direction.
Proceed, with care, forward, left or right
And tonight's adventure will come in sight."

Try this and I think you will find it a welcome addition to your tool box.

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  1. dulux-oz's Avatar
    While I appreciate the kind words and the thoughts behind them, the MOTD Extension is not one of mine - its one of Trenloe's.

    And everything that mhorgunn said about me goes double or even triple for Trenloe.

    (And its Dulux-Oz, not Delux-Oz )
    Updated April 8th, 2018 at 17:59 by dulux-oz
  2. mhorgunn's Avatar
    I sit corrected, Dulux-Oz. Still I thank you for all you do.
    Updated April 9th, 2018 at 15:22 by mhorgunn
  3. mhorgunn's Avatar
    And THANK YOU!!! Trenloe.

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