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FG Con Spring 2018

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You can join me for a marathon play-through of the Lairs of Lawlessness at this Spring's FG Con.

Lairs of Lawlessness puts the player characters in the service of a young knight who is just building his first stronghold. The players help the knight battle evil forces and make his shire safe for civilization while learning for themselves the rewards and dangers of dungeon delving. The nature of the adventure makes it idea for players new to Fantasy Grounds and/or D&D 5e, but quickly becomes satisfying for more experienced players as the threats and problems the party faces become more complex.

The adventure takes place on the edge of civilization. War and famine caused this mountain valley to be abandoned by humankind more than two generations ago. But now a young knight, Aylard the Younger, has just been given permission by his baron to build an outpost in the wilderness and tame the land. This area has been long populated by all manner of wild beasts and lesser humanoids, but there are signs that ancient civilizations once had a presence here as well.

A number of the adventure locations in Lairs of Lawlessness are good, old-fashioned dungeon crawls. Goblins, kobolds, and other old favorites make appearances, but as the adventure unfolds ancient, darker, secrets begin to be uncovered.

Join us for a marathon play through of the Lairs of Lawlessness at this year’s FG-Con, starting on Friday night and continuing until the 140-page adventure is complete, or everyone is dead.** The game will be run using 5e D&D rules, played in a Text-Only (no voice chat*). PCs will be 1st level to start and should be neutral or good aligned. Players can choose from pre-generated characters which will be available on the server, or you can create characters using point-buy attributes, using classes and options found in the Players Handbook and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. All custom characters will need to be submitted no-later-than the 10th of April.

*This game is offered Text Only to facilitate play for the hearing impaired and those who have difficulty with spoken English.

**It's OK, it's an online Con, we can't smell you, so come and play until you drop or sweet, sweet victory is yours. Due to international standards for the ethical treatment of gamers, this session will last no longer than 18 hours.

Book your seat today:

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  1. Mortar's Avatar
    If I wasn't already booked in that time I would give it a go.

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