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The Maze of Madness

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Once again our brave party entered the Dwarvin mines of the Silver Mountains to seek out and destroy all remnants of evil that the Ghost Kings have brought. Before they could travel far beneath the mountain their passage became blocked where the hallway had caved in and created a sink hole spanned by 6 pillars 4ft round, spaced 5ft apart from each other. The rogue was the first to jump, having tied a rope about himself and then leaping for the first pillar that just happened to be the extended tongue of a Cave Fisher. No sooner than the rogues foot touched the top of the first pillar then the pillar collapses and he fell 60ft down into the waiting mouth of said cave fisher. The party made short work of the cave fisher rescuing the rogue, then as the party struggled to cross the remaining cavern the ranger went back to the surface to purchase rope. Returning after all the party except himself has crossed the cavern the ranger began to construct a bridge across the cavern while the rest of the party scouted ahead.

In the great hall the party then encountered a group of dwarvin vampire women that created darkness then moved within it pausing only to attack the isolated party members from all angles. The party members made a valiant attempt to keep the vampires flanked at all times but their movement in the darkness gave them much trouble. It was the rogue that landed the first damaging blow thus inspiring the other players to keep trying again and again until the dwarvin vampires were defeated.

BEER!!! The party found a beer storage room and of course decided that this was the best place on this level to rest. Much drunkenness ensued as they finished off a giant keg. I did not have the heart to roll a wondering monster as they were having to much fun singing dwarvin drinking songs and playing dwarvin drinking games.

A quick trek through the Dwarvin kings tombs, were no one stole a single thing, brought the party face to face with the Ghost King of the third level, by this time the party were old hands at this sort of work and began to dispatch the minions of the Ghost King with ruthless efficiency. With one more ghost king defeated the dwarves of the mines began to move back into the third level and clean up the mess left by the undead.

There were many difficulties for the GM on this level. For some strange reason some of the images and items did not transfer over when the module was created and some encounters even though the GM could pull them up they would not transfer to the combat tracker, so they had to be rebuilt on the fly while the players waited. Kept getting module not open error when its was very open as we were using it. If I come up with an explanation for this odd behavior i will post it in a follow up.

Now you are wondering why the title Maze of Madness? There was a 5% chance that while moving thru the tombs that the party would become trapped in an extra dimensional maze of 30 by 30ft rooms with four doors. The map with the correct directions to escape the maze was found on a shelf in a clerics room but the party never used it for some strange reason. After an hour and a half of stumbling around the GM finally said that the party already had the map why don't they use it? Well turns out that the map was one of the things the party could not see due to the module transfer problem so while the GM could open and see the map the party would open the scroll and get the open module error. So in short the maze of madness was a bust and the GM will edit the adventure with a resolution to the maze without finding the map.

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