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The Revenge

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After being forced out of the Silver Mt Mines, the party re-equipped, gained two new members and once again ventured down. The fire of revenge burned in Durlin's eyes as he lead the party back to the exact location were his brother was slain, seeking out his murderers. Entering the room there again could be seen in the darkness a strange swirling humanoid shape always keeping just out of direct sight lingering in the corners of your eye's. Without hesitation Durlin and Thad charged the creatures chanting their new war cry, "Doran! Doran! Doran!". Torags energy crackled from the fingertips of Durlin as Torga filled him with his power, glistening silver steel flashed in the darkness off the Waraxe of Thad. Darkness mourned the presence of life and slithered forward into the mail strum of magic and steel. Durlin's magic struck forth drawing the un-life from the darkness, howls of pain not felt for generations vibrated thru the undead. Thad seeing his unrepentant foe, remembered the brief life of Doran, all the fun times he and Doran had drinking and eating and lifting the beards of Dwarves to make sure they were females in the house of lady favors, these memories only filled Thad with more and more rage over the loss of his buddy, with a great cry Thad swung his war axe calling on the name of Torag! The swing could only be what will go down in the annals of history as the most epic try of any dwarf ever made at any time in the history of the world, at the last moment the darkness did nothing to avoid the blow as the careening arc of total annihilation completely missed the wraith and landed squarely with a resounding with a deafening thud into the groin of Thad himself.

GM Note: Thad played this action like a champ only issuing moans of pain each time his turn came around. Never has so much laughter been heard as players battled for their lives.

The Durlin the Warforged, Drewan the Catfolk Rogue and Granebosh the half-orc Sorcerer, fought an epic battle to avenge Doran and rescue Thad from himself, and in the end overcame the evil undead and re-killed them? un-killed them? un-lifed them?.....defeated them forever.

Magic healing was applied to Thad and Thad was forced to bandage his own wounds. After a short rest for recovery that party moved on confident that they now knew the location of the Ghost King. The short trip thru the mines corridors was uneventful and the party finally after so much effort entered the chamber of the Ghost King! Skeletons and zombies formed a solid wall of undead between the Ghost King and the party of fearless adventurer's. Durlin marched forward into the mass of undead, Thad readied his mighty war axe, Drewan melted into the darkness and Granebosh fired his full spread of magic missiles at the Ghost King. On Durlins next round Torags power flowed thru him and the entire skeletal mass was destroyed leaving only zombies staggering forward. At the side of the Ghost King stood a Koblak but only for a moment as it vanished and then reappeared behind the party standing just behind Granebosh. Thad now waded into the zombie horde his silver axe moving so fast streams of light followed its every arc. Short work Thad made of the zombie horde just in time as the Ghost King stepped forward to the attack. Granbosh having found himself engaged in a life or death struggle with the Koblak fought with every thing he had magic energies flowing back and forth between the two foes. Thad his axe dripping with the gore of the zombie horde, stood his ground as the Ghost King floated across the distance between them, as the Ghost King took his first mighty attack against Thad the party working like a finely tooled machine all as one part supporting the function of the other, flashed into action. Drewan struck from behind first, landing a crippling blow to the Ghost King with his twin silver daggers, then came Durlin the power of Torag flowing threw him making him glow like silver blue flame as the energy screamed forth to encompass the Ghost King, it was now that Thad landed the blow that he had wanted against the wraith, silver streaking back and forth in a dance of death. The Ghost King staggered, wobbled, dropped to one knee and then fell to dust exploding in a rain of skeletal fragments and armor.
The Koblak seeing the death of the Ghost King abandoned his battle with Granebosh and vanished in to the darkness.

The party returned to the Dwarvin war camp at the entrance to the mines, bloodied and battered but filled with pride at the accomplishment of clearing the first level of the Silver Mt Mines.

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