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Rialacha Teach Mhorgunna

With his kind permission ...

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I believe I have said this in comments but maybe not in my blog that I am a proponent of having some kind of board to use to have open communication. There are a number of different options ... for example we a Facebook page. This works for us as not only players can communicate but our friends and former players can check in and share in the fun.The DM can use this to have players do something between gaming sessions, check in with players about the going ons and remind people about game time. The players can communicate between games about strategy, thoughts and share augmentations to the gaming experience.

Jim has a 3D program that he uses to illustrate character concepts. He also writes a summary of the last session. Recently Kevin wrote about the death of his character Kevin the Fighter. As mentioned in other posts, we are going through "Out of the Abyss" campaign. This has not been a favorite. When we separated the party to see if they prefered using only one character over our two ... (When we started we did not have enough players.) we sent them in opposite directions. The players took me up on my offer to take the B-Team and chance a meat grinder set of death roles to see if their characters survived. I set it up with 3 sets of death saving roles with a threshold of 15. I had the players roll and a success indicated they had survived. One or two failed sets with a success gave a permanent injury depending on the number of failures. Three failures meant death. None of the player characters were left unscathed. However Kevin's fighter was the only one to fall. So ... with his kind permission I share his narration of the event.

Last session a character was lost this is that story:

“Going home, we are finally going home”. The thought kept going through Kevin’s mind. It had been so long since the party had been topside there Kevin began having doubts that they would every make it home, but now he was so close to getting out of hell he could practically see the light of day. Kevin’s thoughts were cut short when he saw it…. The ooze “Shit so much for a light stroll through the under dark” he thought.
Fear never crossed Kevin’s face, why should he be afraid he was with his battle mates. They have crushed some many challenges before this one would be no different. Vig and Kevin charged into combat knowing that the acid of the ooze and Jonathan provided the magical support they would desperately need.
At first the battle was progressing in the team’s favor, it was slow and tough but they were making progress. Then the team’s luck took a bad turn. Jonathan’s spells ran out and Kevin suffered a minor burn which caused him to slow down. The oozes were beginning to gain the upper hand.
Then disaster struck, Vig received a serious burn to the face and fail. Things were looking very grim; With the loss of Vig’s strength the fight was becoming unwinnable. Kevin turned to Jonathan and said “I’ll hold them off get Vig out of here and get home”. Jonathan wanted to protest but deep down he knew Kevin was doing what was right for the group. Kevin looked at his friends one more time before charging into the fight one last time. He knew he would probably die but at least he was doing something noble and heroic for once.
Vig and the rest of the party got away but sadly Kevin had to give up his life to do it. As the ooze began to kill Kevin his final thought before slipping into nothingness was “maybe the afterlife will be a wonderful place after all”.

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