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Rialacha Teach Mhorgunna

Formally known as the Ghohlborn's Lair ...

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As the party left the goblin bard behind entertaining at the Shattered Spire, I knew they would have high expectations of finding upon their return, Gracklstaugh in ruins. Where the self proclaimed King of the Goblins squats, chaos flows. Droop is the goblin from the Lost Mines of Phandelver, who in our campaign found a ring on Glasstaff's bedroom table which was a ring of the Djinn. He used it to wish he was so rich, he defecated platinum. Two pieces a day.

Funny what you can look up on the internet.

King Droop, the First of his Name, is my comic relief and always is there to bring a smile to my players' faces. And he did not disappoint. Left on his own, Droop kept himself busy on his time off, by shopping in the Blade Bazaar. There he found Kevin's Talisman of Ultimate Luck and bought it. His hope was to return it to the fighter when he returns from Blingdenstone. But he uses it to break the bank at the Spire and win the loan papers to the Ghohlborn's Lair. Upon the party's return, they find themselves banned from the Lair. Thrown out to the streets, the group shakes their heads in confusion, and gathers up their things and made their way to the Spire. Once there, they find the Spire has been renamed as the Sash 2. The Red Sash is the name of the fest hall that was built on the ruins of the Sleeping Giant in Phandelver. It is so called, because of the epic battle with the Red Sash Bandits. After the group catches up, Droop reveals how he is excited to return the charm back to Kevin.

This was heart tugging moment on a couple of levels. Droop has been a thief bordering on kleptomania. If something is missing, all eyes would fall on the goblin. So his honesty denotes on his character growth. But it is at best bitter sweet as it has been determined that Kevin fell in the Battle of the Pudding King. You could feel the lump in Jim's throat as he had to have the Countess tell the sad news to the little goblin.

Next session, the Countess and Will the Cleric are going to pass the Lair as a new sign is being posted. As I am a strong believer in using visuals, I took the time to do a picture of the new sign.

king droop sign 1.jpg

This is a digital collage using manipulated images, done in Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy.

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