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Rialacha Teach Mhorgunna

A Belated Birthday Gift

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Things have settled down gamewise. We are still playing Out of the Abyss, but currently in the middle of an adventure I have inserted into the timeline. They have been seemingly been enjoying this one as they have each night been singing my praises. It concerns an investigation of a cloistered alchemist, being worked to death by a variant of hags that since we are in what Jim calls the "Under Stank," 3 stone hags. But more of that once they have completed this quest.

I had a surprise left on my doorstep ... A belated birthday gift.


I'm calling it the Fidget Spinner of Vecna.

It's an upgrade to the Hand of Vecna.

Guess I need to work this into the game ...

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  1. dulux-oz's Avatar
    More importantly, where did it come from (ie where can I get one?)
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