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The Wayward Wizard

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Prologue

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September 12th, 1955
The Department of Science had finally allocated a budget for the research and investigation of paranormal activities. It took some fast talk and cuts in pay, but we were finally on our feet and looking into the odd things happening in and around the area. Frankly, we're not much more than a club with a travel budget. Should we find actual evidence of ghosts or things from beyond the stars, the University would have no choice but to grant an even larger sum. The paltry amount will never be enough to see this department shine the way it needs to, but discretion might be necessary. If too many secrets, like the machine in the basement gets out, I'll have a hard time maintaining my place atop this little pyramid. My colleague, Armitage, is happy with the sum. I, however, want more.

iSeptember 14th, 1955

The progress on my machine continues, slowly. I have all of the pieces but putting it all together takes time. Armitage came by my office and asked me what I was working on. I had no problem assuring him that it was of little concern, just a clock of sorts. He informed me that the University had given us permission to use a pair of their automobiles so long as we kept them maintained. This was wonderful news! Should we need to pick up and go on a goose chase we'd have the ability to leave town. Hell, we could even leave the state if we could afford the fuel. Before I purchase more "parts" for my machine perhaps I should budget the Department. Perhaps that would be best. No need to raise suspicion.

September 16th, 1955
The man who visited me today just happened to be in The Orne asking Armitage about hauntings and possessions. Armitage sent him to my boiler room hideaway, I was furious when he interrupted me while I was working. Yet the man had a somewhat compelling story. I don't frankly believe in ghosts but he wanted to ask me about the Department and if we looked into strange things like haunted houses. Assuring him that we were looking for paranormal activity, I showed him to my public office and heard what he had to say. He introduced himself as Roy Baker and told me that he was from Boston. He proceeded to tell me that he was a land owner and leased property he owned as a business. The property in question, 623 Marlboro Street in Boston, was an older house that newer buildings had spring up around. He said he kept the property because it was a family home that dated way back to the 1920's. Over the last decade he'd had a few different families of boarders move in and move out within a few months. He didn't want to go deep into the details of what happened to the families, and I was glad. I was getting bored and anxious to get out of this meeting. Mr. Baker asked if my Department would be willing to take a look into matters. Pay was involved, but it was a paltry figure. I had no one to dedicate to this affair. I told Baker that as soon as we could, we'd send someone to meet with him. I took his phone number and bid him a good day. We need to find students to handle these menial tasks.

September 18th, 1955
After speaking with Armitage today he said he might have a few people in mind. Inductees into the Department of Supernatural Sciences as gofers. This is excellent news. But more eyes means I'll have to be more careful where I leave my notes.

September 20th, 1955
A young man by the name of Hollister joined us today. He's studying languages and is interested in the occult. I wonder how far down the rabbit hole I can guide him. Let's see if his interests run as far to the exotic as mine.

September 21st, 1955
We welcomed another student today. A young man called Harris. Now that we have the staff to investigate that "haunted" house in Boston it might be time to see how these students perform in the field. I've got to remember to sign out one of the cars and have Armitage prepare a bag of tools for them. I wonder if I can convince Armitage to go too. He's been around too much lately. I need time to work on my machine.

-- excerpt from the diary of an unknown author

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