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Goats and Rabbits and Wolves, oh my!

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Spurred by my recent switch to Fantasy Grounds, I'm finally getting around to putting a few custom races for my 5th Edition D&D games out into the world.

You can find my creations on the DMs Guild.

It started years ago with a homebrew setting, before the days of 5th Edition D&D. My players and I all wanted to be something not quite from the Pathfinder books we were using. There are a lot of promising races in Pathfinder, but it was never quite what we wanted. Enter the furry book; Fursona, the Definitive Guide to Creating Anthropomorphic Characters. We went nuts with this book, and some of its sequels, creating new races. We also quickly discovered how easy it was to create overpowered super furries using it. It gave us ideas, though. Ideas about how to build more balanced races. 5th Edition made that even easier when we made the switch, and work on our custom races began.

I started with ideas from my players. I told them that they could be anything and I'd find a way to make it work. The races weren't perfect, and they started far from balanced. Some were weak, some were strong. Some of them still aren't finished, and I might be bringing those out to the Fantasy Grounds forums for feedback. Of the ones that I'm happiest with, I'll be bringing them to the DMs Guild as they are completed in PDF format. Each one will also come with an accompanying Fantasy Grounds module!

First, with story and art made almost entirely by one of my players, Onyxr, we have Fauns. Fauns are goat people with strong ties to nature. They were originally described to me as forest spirits, which just sounded fun. They gradually evolved as Onyxr drew more art of fauns. They look kind of like satyrs, with goat legs and horns, but they have an almost elven quality to them as well. Different types of fauns evolved from the art. As the stat block evolved with the art, I kept the wording as close to the book as possible, even borrowing a couple abilities from other races. Naturally Stealthy isn't just for halflings anymore! The Fauns can be found here.

Next up, with a story by one player, Bunnerz, and art by Onyxr again, we have Lahgosi. Lahgosi are rabbit people. The original name we used was usa, but we didn't want to just use a japanese word and call it good for a published product. Another short race with some overlap with fauns. This one is still under construction, but it should be seeing release soon. I'll edit in the link when it's ready.

Lastly, a creation that is completely my own, with no art as of yet, we have the Lycans and their home island of Narima. This one combines bits of history from my gaming groups into a setting agnostic race of shapeshifters. They have a humanoid form, which resembles wood elves, and an anthropomorphic animal form. The PDF details their homeland and the events that lead to the entire race being cursed with lycanthropy, as well as how the curse was mostly cured. You can find the Lycans here.

A few more are in the works, but I don't want to give away anything just yet.

Check out Onyxr's other artwork here!

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  1. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Cool, great to see more blogs and more community FG content. Glad to have you here in the community and keep on creating!
  2. Caelen's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm happy to announce that the Fauns are now available as well!
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