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Not sure about this Blog thing.. but I'll try it out a bit I guess.
I think I'll post a log of my weekly FG games for a while and see how that goes.

Sunday's games went well.
Pharius (the level 13 fighter/level 3 druid) did well in Rise of the Runelords yesterday morning. Having returned from the dead by way of Kroz and the power of Sarenrae... I hope Gozreh isn't too pissed. Lots of giants and lamias died...

Pharynosus (the level 4 pyromaniac fire elemental sorcerer) and the group had a rough time in the Reign of Winter last night. I did pretty well overall, but Renzin got blinded like 3 times... he now is permanently blinded (until we can get a cure blindness spell.. which is still a way off). We have cleared out the Pale Tower and are almost ready to move out.. we are licking our wounds and pretty upset that that damn witch got away. I tried really hard to blast him out of the air as he was fleeing...

Our Monday night Legacy of Fire game is cancelled because Peanut is away at camp, everyone is bumming. I'll probably spend the evening with the little woman. Looking forward to Tuesday's Kingmaker game though.

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Updated August 8th, 2013 at 20:44 by Blackfoot

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