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Looking ahead to a major DCC RPG ruleset update!

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Well, I finally leveled up my coding skills and gave the DCC RPG ruleset a long-overdue upgrade. When I built ruleset v1.0, my initial goal was to provide a very simple means of playing DCC RPG on Fantasy Grounds, and that meant excluding many of the awesome features in the 5E ruleset. The DCC rules tend to shun complexity, leaving much of the decision-making to the judge, and I wanted to build a ruleset that followed that aesthetic. But sometimes simplicity can be overly constraining, and with Mutant Crawl Classics on the horizon, I decided that adding some complexity would make the ruleset more adaptable in the end. Anyone who has really sunk his/her teeth into ruleset modification knows that finding the right balance between functionality and complexity is a challenge. Not to mention, I had squashed a number of bugs over the past couple years, and the rebuild has probably introduced some new ones!

So, here is a preview of what's coming...

Desktop Buttons
Taking a page from 5E's advantage/disadvantage mechanic, I think I found a more streamlined solution to that troublesome dice chain. I was never happy with all of those dice fields littering the character sheet when most DCC characters do not survive long enough for multiple action dice to come into play. More than anything, adding the "dice swap" buttons allows you to make up to 3 attacks per round with different action dice but only a single entry in the weapons list.

Dice swap buttons on the desktop

Window Editors

The pop-up editor is one of my favorite features in 5E. The combat tab in the DCC RPG ruleset is almost entirely dedicated to calculations that rarely require manual adjustment, like initiative or speed. Placing these inside a pop-up keeps them out of the way, but they are easily accessible by clicking on the magnifying glass icon if you need to take a look under the hood.

Pop-up editor

Customizable Actions
I think this is really what sets the 5E character sheet apart from its predecessors. I left most of the 5E code intact, although I did simplify a couple extraneous fields in the group detail and "cast" action. I also created a dice field that can be left blank for a d20. The biggest improvement in my mind is finally having a place for cleric abilities like Turn Unholy! The skills list has also evolved to be more like 5E.

Actions list

General Streamlining
Based on my experience running DCC games, several fields on the char sheet were superfluous or created confusion (lucky roll modifier, I'm looking at you). You also had to switch between the combat and main tabs to roll the crit die, so some fields weren't necessarily where you needed them. I originally modeled the main tab after the official char sheets from Goodman Games, so that explains some of the clumsiness. Some fields no longer have a specified home but can be easily added elsewhere - lucky weapon can go in the features list, for example. The thing that I expect will cause the most grumbling is the removal of ability damage (or burn) fields. In my opinion, these suffer from the same problem as the wounds field - as the number goes up, your ability score goes down, but the ability score does not display the current score. This was a constant source of confusion, even among some of my more experienced FG players. Players can enter their starting ability scores in the notes section and just adjust the ability score directly. Alternatively, ability damage can be added to the combat tracker as an effect (e.g. Spellburn; AGI: -2; STA: -1), as long as you leave the duration blank; otherwise, the effect will clear when you apply a rest!

Item weight is now invisible

I would wager that most DCC judges don't take the time to build up their reference libraries, and I can't blame them - it's a lot of work! Goodman Games has not granted me permission to share my rulebook modules, which is a shame, but the possibilities are really cool. I added some custom sort options for equipment, spells, and NPCs. If you were ambitious enough to enter all of the monsters from the rulebook and needed to throw together a quick encounter, you could filter the NPC list to show only 2 HD monsters, for example. The spells can filter by source and level, which is useful when creating a new PC.

Spell list filter.

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  1. sturtus's Avatar
    Great work!

    Goodman Games could be a lot cooler about all of this. Not sure what their deal is. Their fans buy everything, and the VTT thing has only proven to sell more books as a promotional tool. Really weird that they just aren't interested.
  2. JohnD's Avatar
    Perhaps they have enough money already.
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