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Can you lance this boil?

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So here is a page that I brought up from the old book "Chainmail" This is one of the Granddaddies of D&D. Published in 1971, it was created by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren and was an early miniature game that contained a fantasy section. One of my favorite parts was the page on jousting. I use to use this in my campaigns that two of my players use to play in. I think how I will run this in Fantasy Grounds is call for the players to input their two choices of their aiming point and defensive position into the chat box. Once everyone does this, we will count down to push enter and then check the chart.

Here is my version of the chart I will put in my personal campaign

Attachment 19716

A great bit of fun to add to a game.

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  1. GunnarGreybeard's Avatar
    Nice find, I have never seen that one before but I have used the one for the HarnMaster system before.

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