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Rialacha Teach Mhorgunna

Mapping out the future

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So my players are progressing along swimmingly through Lost Mines. At present, they are beginning their investigation of Thundertree. Now this is actually further along than it seems as they have already cleared out Cragmore Castle. They were able to convince the druid Reidoth of the urgency to rescue Rocksplitter. But more of that in later posts.

In preping for the final dungeon of Lost Mines and the clearing of Wave Echo Cave, I was reminded of the adventure hook, a mp found in one of the rooms. The map isn't provided so that you, the DM, can set the hook with their choice of bait. My plan is for the characters to go through Princes of Apocalypse. I have been watching Artrem GM on YouTube running this very campaign. His players' characters have a map and I liked the idea enough to steal it. I put a few clues to the location but have not stated it outright with the idea of having them see a landmark and going ...

"Wait a minute!!!"

Attachment 19088

This map made me remember how much I loved doing collages in art classes. This was like that ... only I didn't spill the paste. I used Photoshop but it could be done in Gimp. Every element was found on line but manipulated. The assets are from DeviantArt and are simply used like stamps. I used a map of the Sumber Hills on one of the document layers and brought down the opacity to use as a guide to lay down the land features. Doing this allows you to get a pretty accurate map. After you are done ... just delete the original map layer. Stains and lettering and such are put on their own layers and adjusted to personal taste. I like that someone rested their coffee cup on such a valuable map.

Feel free to use this map in your campaign if you like.

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