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Too much ...

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Too little ... too late.

I 've been having some issues ... Not with Fantasy Grounds or my players ... but an obsession to get sound out of and into my system. More on that later ... I promise. Still I wanted to touch base.

For those few have read this blog (Thank you) ... you know that I came to Fantasy Grounds in the hopes of playing with friends after a good friend of mine passed. I investigated the options out and rightfully chose FG. I started a Facebook page. I even had the crazy idea of doing adventure summaries on video.

Who did I think I was ... Matt Colville???

That didn't work out and I'm glad one of my players, Jim, is writing them up now. After all a DM shouldn't do everything. But I got as far as making an end title or bumper. I know working backwards. Anyway, here it is ... maybe it will give you a chuckle. An afternoon of work should be seen more than 7 times.

Then again ... maybe not.


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