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I won!!!!

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And I didn't even know I had entered ...

First off, I want to Thank Jeff (A.K.A. GeoQuester) for having the artwork contest on his GM 911 podcast. This show is on his Twitch channel (which can be found under GeoQuester.) and likewise on YouTube. If you have not check this show out ... do so because it is a lively engaging show.

I also want to thank Fantasy Grounds for both sponsoring Jeff's show and providing giveaways.

About a week ago I was on the GeoQuester Dischord channel and there was some chatter about there only being a few more hours to submit artwork. I am catching up with the show myself and asked what the fuss was all about. They said there was a contest for fan art. Now I had just, a couple of days sat down to doodle a little something. I was sort of happy with it as I had done it completely in the computer. Usually I at least do a pencil sketch. It sort grew as it went and really wasn't a finished piece. I had just been having a little fun and playing on a cross of the female armor cliche so intrinsic to old school fantasy art and a conversation about Emma Watson's Vanity Fair shoot, I drew the elf with what my wife refers to as ... "under boobage." My wife had laughed it off and said it was cute. I didn't think ... anything about it ... and posted it in the feed.

I was not ready for the initial response and before you could say "Frank Frazetta" there was a thumbs down and a frowny emoji in response. It was after all a little cartoony doodle and the wife had not shown any displeasure. After a little discussion, Jeff made the comment that with a color correction and a weapon change that my drawing would be perfect for one of the characters. It relieved the little bit of tension in the room. (You know ... he would make a great DM!!! ) Still ... I took my bruised ego and went back to the art project I should have been focusing on. (A Winnie the Pooh shadow box for my Step Mother's 100 birthday.) I was afraid I had become a person non grata and while I am more of an occasional visitor to the channel, was afraid I had worn out that welcome.

The funny thing was ... at that very same moment at my wife's place of work, a few of her coworkers were gathered around one of my drawings I had done for them of a Disney cartoon character that I had done recently for a presentation. One of the people present, asked if I could draw pin up art and that I should do some of that.

Saturday morning, it was slow at work, and I was in waaaay too early. Being a bit bored, I decided to stick my head in and see if the coast was clear. GeoQuester saw me and messaged me congratulations on winning the art contest.

I was stunned.

I asked him if he was sure and that I thought I was in the dog house. He was very kind and said not with him. He even laughed when I shared the wife's response as it was April 1st when this conversation took place. "April Fools!!!" Jeff assured me that everyone loved my work and stated an interest to see more.

I was on cloud 9.

The prize was a standard licence and since I already have the Ultimate, Jeff graciously allowed me to give it to one of my players, Will. So you see ... trickle down economics does work.

Thank you again Jeff and Fantasy Grounds. Once again you have helped in making somebody happy.

You will forgive me if I ... ahh ... play it safe here. Below is a "modified" version of the award winning picture. If there is enough interest I will post the original.

Attachment 18452

Still think there was only one entry.

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  1. dulux-oz's Avatar
    I wanna see the original!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    Serious, nice work. Do you do commissions, or would you consider such a thing?
  2. LordEntrails's Avatar
    I agree, nicely done. Might be a little doodle to you, but proportions and coloring are all well done. I too would hope to see the original.
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