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How to ... "SAVE Dice Color of your profile"

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[SIZE=3]"BASICS or something for better imagination how FG works - SAVE Dice Color of your profile for future use".[/SIZE]

If you want backup your Dice colour for future, then you need write somewhere in your marks value of "[B][COLOR="#0000CD"]DiceColor[/COLOR][/B]"
key from Registry. How to do it?

Step 1: [B]Close FG[/B] software [I](if running)[/I]
Step 2: Hold[B] Windows Key [I](flag key)[/I] + R[/B]
Step 3: In opened window in row write "[B]regedit[/B]" [I](without quotes of course)[/I] and hit Enter key.
Step 4: In registry database [B]go in[/B]:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fantasy Grounds\2.0\DiceColor

here you will have cca 15 values as: DataDir, InstallDir, LastUsername, LicenseKey, [B][COLOR="#0000CD"]DiceColor[/COLOR][/B], Password, etc... [I](see my picture bottom)[/I]

and value in row "[COLOR="#0000CD"][B]DiceColor[/B][/COLOR]" is for your actual dices color. This value sets color of your dices.
Simply mark this value for future needs and you have your color scheme backup.


[B][U]WARNING!!![/U][/B] Be carefull and don't change another values in REGISTRY!! Otherwise you risk malfunctions on your installed software!

Step 5: Through double click on "[COLOR="#0000CD"][B]DiceColor[/B][/COLOR]" is possible change value. After changing value hit F5 key on your keyboard and close regedit window [I][B](only if you changed value, if you only make marks dont need do this step)[/B][/I].
Step 6: Run FG.

Simple? ;oD[/QUOTE]

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  1. dulux-oz's Avatar
    ORRRRR... you could load up the DOE: Base Extension, open the Colour Gizmo (sometimes called the Colour-Picker) and read off the Die colour from the Entry Box provided.

    You can also enter in the Die colour to the same entry box to change it.

    Of course, this only works for the CoreRPG and the Child-Rulesets of the CoreRPG, but even if you've set your Die Colour (as the GM) in another Ruleset you should still be able to see it when you load the CoreRPG and the DOE: Base.
    Updated March 13th, 2017 at 04:45 by dulux-oz
  2. MarianDz's Avatar
    Great extension "[B][I]Dulux-oz[/I][/B]" THANKs for it!
    Finally we have solution for backing up color scheme, for both sides GMs and players too :)

    [I][COLOR="#FF0000"][URL=""][B]BECAUSE[/B][/URL] [B]this my tutorial covers GM's side of dice color profile ONLY and players dice color during game session is stored inside
    encrypted file on which we as users can't have reach.[/B][/COLOR][/I]
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