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How To - create a Help Action

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Entry to show how one might go about creating items / feats / traits within the Character Sheet's Action Tab; to allow a player to track the usage of certain things that have effects.

In this particular case we will create a Help Action; to be used when you want to help another player during a skill check, or an attack.
Within the screenshots below the red boxed objects are where you need to focus to create this item within the Actions Tab.

  1. Click the Edit List icon
  2. Click the Add Power icon
  3. Need to type 2 things in the 2 circled textboxes:
    1. New Spell or Ability textbox type "Help Action"
    2. In the other unnamed textbox type "Regular Actions" - this will change the name of the group from Powers to Regular Actions

  4. Click the Stop Editing List icon
  5. Click the Mode textbox until it changes to Combat then click the Display textbox until it changes to Actions, then mouse over the Help Action and right-click to open the radial menu and select Add Action
  6. The radial menu selections have changed, now click the Add Effect option
    1. You need to do step 5 & 6 one more time as we are creating one effect sub-action for helping with a check, and helping with an attack

  7. Time to configure each of the 2 effect sub-actions:
    1. Click the 1st effect's magnifying glass icon to open the Spell / Ability Effect dialogue popup window
    2. Type ADVCHK into the Description textbox

  8. Within Duration click and select the textbox and type 1 as this effect will only last for 1 round of combat
  9. Within Targeting / Expenditure click the Expend? Textbox and select the On next action option
    1. Close the Spell / Ability Effect dialogue popup window by clicking the X in the upper right of the popup
    2. Repeat steps 7.1 to 9 to configure help attack effect; wherein the only difference is step 7.2 and we must change ADVCHK to ADVATK

  10. Click the Magnifying Glass icon to minimise the effect sub-actions, and note that you’ve 2x effect icons
    1. Mouseover each effect icon to bring up a tooltip text to help identify the Help Action type

  11. Time to enter the PHB description for Help Action, so click the Shield icon and a new dialogue popup will open that needs to be populated as indicated in this screenshot
  12. Finalise the PHB description by clicking the Padlock icon and we are DONE!

To use Help Actions within your session do the following:

  1. Ensure that your Character Sheet’s Action Tab is in the Mode Combat Display Action
  2. If you are assisting your Fighter to do a Strength / Athletics check, then before the fighter rolls, drag / drop the ADVCHK effect icon to the fighter’s avatar in the CT
  3. When the fighter rolls, they will automatically receive advantage on the roll, at which point the effect you added to the fighter will disappear from the CT

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    On picture in step 7 you can add both conditions at once (no needed create two separate action buttons) simply in description row write both ADVATK; ADVCHK this way next action of person which you helps take one of this advantages not both at once. Attack advantage ADVATK or check advantage ADVCHK. Which one
    comes first then this will be used. Please continue in writting blogs...
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