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How To - create a Potion of Healing

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Entry to show how one might go about creating items / feats / traits within the Character Sheet's Action Tab; to allow a player to track the usage of certain things that have effects.

In this particular case a Potion of Healing can be used 1 time, unless you’ve more in your inventory! For this How To I will assume that the player has blown 50gp and bought only 1x Potion of Healing (i.e. if you have more in your inventory just change the X in step 6 accordingly).

Also this Potion of Healing item we create will be representative of all 4 types of potions: healing / greater / superior / supreme.

Within the screenshots below the red boxed objects are where you need to focus to create this item within the Actions Tab.

  1. Click the Edit List icon
  2. Click the Add Power icon
  3. Need to type 2 things in the 2 circled textboxes :
    1. New Spell or Ability textbox type "Potion of Healing"
    2. In the other unnamed textbox type "Items" - this will change the name of the group from Powers to Items

  4. Click the Stop Editing List icon
  5. Click the Mode textbox and change the selection to Preparation
  6. Click and select the 0 then type 1; then click Daily until this textbox shows the Once option
    1. 1 means that we have just 1 potion of healing in our inventory, so after we check / use this once it expires and we’ll need to purchase a potion
    2. Daily / Rest / Once are related to frequency of renewals
      1. Daily means renew this power / trait / feat / item after a long rest (none of which are applicable to a Potion of Healing)
      2. Rest means renew this power / trait / feat / item after a short rest (none of which are applicable to a Potion of Healing)
      3. Once means this power / trait / feat / item will never renew and only has X usages as typed in step 6 above

  7. Click the Mode textbox until it changes to Combat then click the Display textbox until it changes to Actions, then mouse over the Potion of Healing and right-click to open the radial menu and select Add Action
  8. The radial menu selections have changed, now click the Add Heal option
    1. You need to do step 7 & 8 three more times as we are creating one heal sub-action for each of the 4 types of healing potions

  9. Time to configure each of the 4 heal sub-actions:
    1. Click the 1st heal's magnifying glass icon to open the Spell / Ability Heal dialogue popup window
    2. Click the Targeting textbox and select the Self option
    3. Then click the Edit List icon

  10. Click the Add Item icon
  11. Left-click and hold the d4 from the dice thingy at the bottom left of the FG window, while holding down the left mouse button, right-click once to change the d4 to 2d4; now drop the 2d4 into the Dice textbox in the Spell / Ability Heal dialogue popup window
  12. Click the Bonus textbox and type in 2
  13. Click the Stop Editing icon
    1. Now perform steps 9.1 to 13 for the other 3 potions, only changing the d4 quantity accordingly (i.e. in step 11 you just change the # of right-clicks you do until you’ve the quantity of d4 required)
    2. Potion of Greater Healing = 4d4 + 4
    3. Potion of Superior Healing = 8d4 + 8
    4. Potion of Supreme Healing = 10d4 + 20

  14. Click the Magnifying Glass icon to minimise the heal sub-actions, and note that you’ve 4x heal icons
    1. Mouseover each heal icon to bring up a tooltip text to help identify the potion of healing type

  15. Time to enter the PHB description for a Potion of Healing, so click the Shield icon and a new dialogue popup will open that needs to be populated as indicated in this screenshot
  16. Finalise the PHB description by clicking the Padlock icon and we are DONE!

To use the potion within your session do the following:

  1. Ensure that your Character Sheet’s Action Tab is in the Mode Combat Display Action
    1. It’s important that while playing you are in this mode most of the time, unless you are at the store and have bought more potions, then you’ll need to be in Mode Preparation so that you can change the quantity of potions that you’ve in your inventory (step 6 above)

  2. Drag / drop the appropriate heal icon to the player’s avatar in the CT
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  1. MarianDz's Avatar
    another nice work "skj310" this kind of explainatory "how to do this or that" in short tutorial was missing me here on FG.
    Watching vids is good but offten take more time then trying things (self) step by step following easily writen example guide.
    Thank you for it!
  2. kato42's Avatar
    The preparation information is very helpful, my cleric has daily powers I would like to keep track of, and was trying to figure out how to do that. Odd that the PHB doesn't do some of this stuff automatically when you drag it onto your character sheet. But knowing how to do it myself is very helpful.
  3. GunnarGreybeard's Avatar
    Just found this. Will be extremely useful in my campaigns, Thanks.
  4. gnarlyplo's Avatar
    This is wonderful, thank you. Most of what I have found is a link to somewhere else that tells me to download their example character and copy what they did. I would much rather learn to do it myself. Again thank you.
  5. DarthSinistris's Avatar
    BLoody hell, this was supremely helpful. I don't seem to get the PHB description on mine, it just shows blank. Doesn't matter, I guess, as along as it works. Thanks a ton!11!
  6. skj310's Avatar
    @DarthSinistris FYI I typed in that entry from the PHB, formatting it to my preference ... no simply copy paste for the description ... :'(
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