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People are complaining to me...

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...via email, etc. that I am not doing a good job of advertising my wares at the DMs Guild. I thought I was doing a pretty good job, what with Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and these forums, but apparently the "why didn't I know about this" emails keep coming my way. All items can be found by clicking the DMs Guild in my signature below.

In an effort to make it known what I've done in the last 13 months - here's the scoop:


  1. 100 CRIT / FUMBLE Tables (also available in Spanish) - PDF & FG MOD (Auto rolls on a 1 or 20 and rolls on appropriate d100 tables)
  2. 100 Wild Magic Surge Table - PDF & FG MOD (User can roll on a table with 100 entries instead of the standard 50)
  3. Adventure: Unknown Whom (Starter adventure level zero to 3) - PDF & FG MOD (Players do not build PCs in advance, but as the story progresses)
  4. Background Proficiencies, Languages, and Features - PDF & FG MOD (Quick Start sheet for players and DMs)
  5. Class List Quick Start - PDF & FG MOD (Quick Start sheet for players and DMs)
  6. Conditions & Effects (140+) - FG MOD ONLY (Can be dragged onto the Combat Tracker)
  7. Defier Class - PDF & FG MOD (Fully automated class in FG as well as PDF)
  8. Feat List with Benefits - PDF & FG MOD (Quick Start sheet for players and DMs)
  9. Magic Shops & Random Item Rarity Tables - FG MOD ONLY (Fully automated magic shop builder as well as tables for EVERY SINGLE magic item in the SRD or DMG)
  10. Race Ability Modifiers & Key Class Stats - PDF & FG MOD (Quick Start sheet for players and DMs)
  11. Random Monster Tables - FG MOD ONLY (Tables to roll a random monster of any CR level from "books" including SRD, DMG, Volo's, Tome of Beats & Fifth Edition Foes)
  12. Spell List with all Info - PDF ONLY (Includes all spells from PHB, EE, SCAG as well as access to the SORTABLE Google Sheet)
  13. Spells (and Cantrips) Known, Prepared, Recovery - PDF & FG MOD (Quick Start sheet for players and DMs)
  14. The Complete Works of Rob Twohy 2016 - All 13 of the above items for a 50% discount!


  1. Random Encounter Creator - FG MOD ONLY (Over 1000 tables to create random encounters for every level with party sizes 3-7 PCs from several monster "books" including SRD, DMG, ToB, etc.)
  2. Random Trap Tables - FG MOD ONLY (Includes 276 NPC traps that can be used in the Combat Tracker for every level and either setback, dangerous, or deadly)

For those of you that have never heard of me or my DMs Guild items, please check them out. Talk to anyone in the FG Community who uses them. Very happy people. With the exception of "Unknown Whom" and "The Defier" most of my items are utility in nature. Many DMs and players have expressed their joy with my creations. Hopefully, you will as well.

For those of you who are already familiar, this is the current status as of this posting.

ThanX again to all who support these efforts.

In the works:

A sequel to Unkown Whom
Expanding Wild Magic to 200 (current users will be updated free)
Expanding Crit/Fumble to 200 (current users will be updated free)
More Conditions and Effects (current users will be updated free)
Other stuff I can think of, but more importantly other stuff YOU GUYS can think of. What do people need/want?

UPDATE: Here is the current list of projects - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...bo0/edit#gid=0

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  1. MarianDz's Avatar
    Great "[B][I]rob2e[/I][/B]"
  2. rob2e's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MarianDz
    Great "rob2e"
  3. LordEntrails's Avatar
    I've got to get back into looking at all this stuff. The traps is of great interest to me
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