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Next Project: MTA New Printing

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So actually I thought I was "simply" doing a remaster of the old pre-SmiteWorks conversion of Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde for the Castles & Crusades® ruleset which is already available in the FG Store.

Got the reference manual finished right away. Turns out the whole section on the powers of dragons is missing, so that's in my new one. There's a lot of messy markup in there, the worst being that the weird (for FG's new standardization anyway) database organization prevents all the monsters from loading into FG's NPC master index window on the sidebar. So that's been fixed, as you can see in the screenshot.

Then I remembered Troll Lords recently completed a Kickstarter for a new printing of MTA which will include some tweaks and 20+ new monsters! So, I'll go ahead and proceed with the pure remaster portion of things and when I get my hands on the public release of the new MTA book, I'll add in the new bits, change whatever was tweaked and send 'er in!

I do want to treat C&C with some professionalism and respect, as it is a licensed ruleset just like 5E is and now Pathfinder is. So, mimicking the 5E Monster Manual, I did put all the intro text, etc. into a reference manual which I mentioned a couple paragraphs ago. I am also putting all the monsters into collapsible index lists so GMs can quickly find the monsters they're looking for sorted alphabetically, by HD, and by type. I've started that part but have a ways to go still. The sidebar NPC master index will always be available which is alpha-sorted as well.

I'm also hoping to provide a desktop decal of the cover art scene, like the 5E and Pathfinder source books do...

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