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DOE Base Extension by Dulux-Oz

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DOE Base Extension v2.2 by Dulux-Oz

First Impressions: 5 Stars, 47/50 Points
For users, this extension isnít very interesting and by itself is minimally useful. But, for every user that wants to do more with FG and leverage the wonderfully powerful DOE extensions like Sound (my favorite), this is simple a required must have. It is executed and supported nearly flawlessly and I consider it to be akin to an official add-on (though itís not).

Quality: 15/15 Points
This extension is simple. There isnít much to do with it so usability is not an issue. Reliability is high, I havenít found any compatibility issues with it. Even more importantly, Dulux has an impressive track record of helping to troubleshoot and quickly resolve any issues that do crop up. So, even though Iím pretty loathe to give any product a perfect score on quality, I canít justify anything other than a perfect 15 for this.

Completeness: 9/10 Points
This product does everything it says it will do, and probably more. It is well documented. The only thing I can say is that if you donít know what the Entry Box to the ColourGizmo is referring to, you probably will never stumble upon it and the instructions donít tell you where it is. Itís under the Color icon in the top right corner of FG and the Entry Box can be seen in this image;
Attachment 17212

Creativity: 8/10 Points
Because much of what this extension does is behind the scenes as code, and even if the code was the most creative and brilliant code ever to be written, a user really doesnít (and shouldnít) care about that. So, looking at the two aspects of creativity this extension does for a user, enabling the other DOE extensions, and the Entry Box to the ColourGizmo. Enabling the other DOE extensions is cool stuff. And those are pretty awesome and creative. The Entry Box, not so much. Itís functional, it does its job, itís just not very creative.

Value: 10/10 Points
Itís hard to beat free when it comes to price. And given that this extension is valuable as the base to allow the other DOE extensions, it has an exceptional price to value ratio.

Versatility: 5/5 Points
This part is really hard to evaluate. Because, on its own, this extension doesnít do much (one simple thing), but it enables all of the other DOE extensions that do so much. But, because this extension enables so much more with all the other DOE extensions, then Iím going to say this extension is as versatile as they come.

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Updated January 4th, 2017 at 05:00 by LordEntrails

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  1. dulux-oz's Avatar
    Wow - thanks.

    I knew I wrote good stuff (others have said so) but its nice to have been "officially reviewed" and to do so well.

    I just hope I can live up to this in the future.
  2. LordEntrails's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dulux-oz
    Wow - thanks.

    I knew I wrote good stuff (others have said so) but its nice to have been "officially reviewed" and to do so well.

    I just hope I can live up to this in the future.
    You are welcome for the review.

    I don't think the community will disagree much with the ratings. Of course, differing opinions are always welcome.

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