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Random Monster Tables by Rob Twohy

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Random Monster Tables by Rob Twohy

First Impressions: 4 Stars, 39/50 Points
A set of high quality random monster tables that depending upon your approach may not initially be intuitive, but is easy to use once you do.
Note, this module works with the SRD Bestiary, MM, Voloís, and Tomb of Beasts. Since I do not own Tomb of Beasts, this review excludes any considerations for functionality related to that reference.

Quality: 14/15 Points
Because of the extensive number of tables and links, I havenít been able to verify that every table works as expected and every link is valid. But in testing more than a dozen tables and hundreds of links, I have found no errors or issues. Rob has designed this so that the tables can be shared with the players (to allow players to make their own rolls). While I donít foresee me sharing a random monster table with my players, I do appreciate a different style of play. The problem with this, is that means that the tables appear empty, and therefore confusing. So, at first look, the tables appear empty and broken. Which they arenít, but it gives initial adoption a pause.

The apparently (but not actually) blank tables:
Attachment 17208

Completeness: 9/10 Points
Rob has done a great job of making this easy to use and has put together some simple instructions for its use. The one thing I feel he has missed is if the table list is opened from the Library, and not from the campaign Tables list/icon, the tables are unlabeled and therefore confusing. I will also mention that not all possible combinations of reference sources have been accounted for (though the likely variations have).

Here's what it looks like if opened from the Library:
Attachment 17207

Creativity: 7/10 Points
Well, since this is really just a random table generator using existing sources, I can say itís too creative. But, it is well done and the tables have been put together with the most reasonable selection of reference sources. I.e. The table that includes Voloís also includes the Monster Manual reference, which makes sense, because if you have a Voloís, odds are you have the MM as well.

Value: 6/10 Points
Iím pretty sure I bought this when it was $1USD, though now itís on sale for $.50. Iím also sure Rob spent many hours putting this together. Iím just not sure how useful this is, and therefore what the value of it is. Why I question the useful is because with FG I can already sort the NPC list by CR and source, so this just adds the ability to randomly select from that table/list (though it adds the ability for selected multiple sources).

Versatility: 3/5 Points
As mentioned before, there are a couple of possible combinations that could have been accounted for (i.e. SRD and Voloís, ToBs only, etc), but are probably only useful in a minority of cases. Also, these tables only select a single NPC of selected challenge rating, additional functionality such as encounter building (note, this product does not claim to have such capabilities) would make this product immensely more versatile.

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Updated January 4th, 2017 at 05:02 by LordEntrails

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  1. rob2e's Avatar

    I appreciate the review. ThanX!

    Regarding the table labels. The current version on the DMs Guild does, in fact, have table numbers clearly marked, so users understand which table is in effect.

    ThanX again!
  2. LordEntrails's Avatar
    After a little bit of confusion, the version on the DMsG has indeed been updated and the tables are now labeled as Rob intended.

    Keep up the good work Rob!
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