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Conan 2d20 Impressions

Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.
Who doesn't like Conan, and who wouldn't want a chance to adventure rich world of Robert E Howard? When Shotgun Jolly first pointed me in the direction of Modiphius' 2d20 Conan system in its Kickstarter stage I was initially intrigued.

After downloading the quick start rules a read, I became really hesitant about looking deeper at what Modiphius was doing with the setting and rules. To be honest I have never played or looked at any of the newer d(x) systems, fate, gumshoe, or anything "off my beaten path" as it were. I had played one session of Dungeon World with damned at FG-Con 8. When I read the quick start, I found that the rules read as a clunky, convoluted system. It felt that there was so much to take into consideration that there would be little to no flow to the session and that it just wouldn't be fun to play. I will admit that my initial read wasn't as in-depth as it could have or should have been.

Well, after two test sessions I am happy to report that I couldn't have been more wrong!

There is some gaps/breaks in flow as questions come up and rules explained in the initial stages. When playing any new system the first time that is expected. Once you get past that as a player the rules and game play are anything BUT clunky and convoluted. The momentum/doom mechanic of the system is fantastic and really pulls the players in to the game and the current "scene" (read: encounter). The mechanic really enables the players to build off each other's actions (momentum) and makes for some really epic moments. The whole idea of the players deciding who goes first, while new to me, really aided in the interaction between the players (and the characters) themselves as we tried to build up that momentum for each other. It also served to further draw us into the scene as it unfolded.

The system plays far more fluidly and quickly than it reads, especially as the players understand the mechanics. The ebb and flow of the tide of the game was really exciting to feel, and build really memorable moments in the story telling.

If you are unsure about this system, give it a try. I think you will find it enjoyable to play as I did.

Note: Crom, since you were obviously not listening last night....to hell with you!

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  1. ShotGun Jolly's Avatar

    I agree, running it as a GM , i was worried about the extra book keeping. But it really is not that much extra, its just different. And once you get use to that, its actually very fluid!

    Thanks for the review Mortar!
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