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More RefManual Theming!

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Somehow, as if I didn't have enough on my plate already, I managed to put Frog God Games' The Lost Lands on my Fantasy Grounds queue. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how a basically black and white reference manual would look since that's how FGG's material is printed. I also wanted to use their header font in the refmanual.

Here's the first attempt:

I originally had the header font set to 36px which looked awesome on the refmanual page, but as you can see over on the Library window, the same font gets used for the Library Category (the line that says "Adventure") and at 36px it clipped outside its allowed dimensions. That really bothers me when something is defined very specifically then is utilized non-specifically. Oh well, back to the default size we go. Sigh.

My main concern with having a "Frog God theme" is that white is often hard on the eyes. I've heard that complaint from 5E's official Wizards of the Coast theme, and I've made that complaint myself. Even reading FGG's PDFs I'm usually like "damn, that's white" and squinting while reading. The texture I chose for this experiment is from CoreRPG and is actually slightly off-white as you will see in the next screenshot, as the map on the page has a white background and it stands out. The texture from CoreRPG is still a bit on the bright side, though.

Once I got all the text from the Forward in there, added the map image, added a second image of the horizontal rule that FGG uses, then put the quote section in CoreRPG's default "book" frame. I also put the FGG font in the chapter and section lines of the refmanual but it's a little on the iffy side the way it calculates the sizes so I don't know if I would keep that in the final product. If there is a final FGG theme product at all.

I probably won't actually be working on getting the FGG Lost Lands converted for Pathfinder (and 5E if I have the energy) until I've completed my Castles & Crusades queue though, but I was bored in the hotel tonight so whipped up this theme to get an idea if it was something I'd be interested in working on, plus I wanted to see if I could get the FGG font in there. I guess mission accomplished--kinda?

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