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Story Recap from 12/17/16

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[QUOTE=Talen;308085]Confronted with the aftermath of the destruction of the Egyptian obelisk that once resided at the estate of [B]Sir William Bankes, [/B]the Rippers set to finding answers by questioning the captive politician [B]Jonathan Jellicoe[/B]. The Ripper’s interrogation techniques were “non-traditional, with Jellicoe questioned by the investigator Granver Stone while Jellicoe’s portly frame suspended from a chandelier above Saito’s eager katana. The investigation technique was also effective as Jellicoe told the Rippers how he was being blackmailed by a cult of unknown purpose with the threat that his personal proclivities would be exposed to the public thereby ruining his political career. Jellicoe was tasked with reporting to the cult regarding the Rippers activity in Dorsett. He told the Rippers he was forced to dispose of Maxwell Puget when the police office began asking too many questions regarding his trailing of the Rippers. Unfortunately, Jellicoe knew nothing of the man he identified as [B]Hakim [/B]who had successfully destroyed the obelisk.

Heading back to the London Lodge with Jellicoe in tow, the Rippers reported on their success in recruiting Bankes and the unfortunate destruction of the Egyptian artifact. The return to London was met with a tsunami of news as the Rippers learned of a new murder reportedly committed by Jack, Investigation revealed a similar attack pattern, however the cuts were not quite as surgical – and the victim as not a prostitute. Any doubts of Jack’s return however seem to have been forgotten as Scotland Yard appeared at the Rippers doorstop and asked for their assistance in investigating yet another murder.

Returning to the crime scene with the police, the Rippers discovered a note at the crime scene with a forged invitation from the Rippers inviting the victim to alley where the murder was committed. Saito, perhaps from the intuition developed in having dedicated his life to the destruction of vampire-kind for their murder of his former lord, discovered a vampire tooth at the crime scene as well. Granver’s old friend at Scotland Yard, [B]Edwin Blackburn[/B], told the investigator that Scotland Yard believed the Rippers had some involvement in the murder of the victim (primarily because of their independent discovery of the forged invitation). The Rippers were invited to the crime scene to gauge their reaction to the note and see if they would attempt to lie about the note. Scotland Yard did not however discover the Vampire tooth, nor were they able to follow the trail that Clancy and Sallie followed to another alley were the words “Remember [B]Poenari[/B]” were scrawled in blood. Poenari was the castle where the Rippers defeated Count Dracula at his last stand.

Satisfied for the moment that the Rippers may not have been involved in the murder, primarily at Edwin Blackburn’s urging, the Rippers were taken to the mortuary to examine the victim’s body. It was here that the Rippers were confronted with the horrifying truth that [B]Jonathan Harker [/B]had been murdered. Rushing back to the lodge to ensure [B]Mina [/B]was safe, the team set to the sad task of informing Mina that her beloved husband was killed – apparently by the return of the newly resurrected [B]Dr. Jack[/B]. Sallie did her best to console the despondent Mina while Solomon silently swore an oath to avenge the death of Jonathan Harker and bring some solace to Mina – Jonathan having brought Solomon into the Ripper’s fold and serving as his mentor and Mina having spent long hours training Solomon in the ways of Vampire hunting.

Sallie, concerned with not letting the trail of the murderer grow cold, set in motion a plan to pose as Mina and return to the crime scene in the hope of bringing out the killer. As the Rippers set out to the alley, the Rippers were visited by London’s most well-known private detective, [B]Sherlock Holmes.[/B] Holmes and Granver have previously worked cases together and renewed their acquaintance as Holmes informed Granver that he suspected his old nemesis Moriarity may have played some role in recent events and that they should avoid confronting the mad genius at all costs. Having served the warning, Sherlock also informed the Rippers that they were being followed by a man with a description fitting that of the Italian art collector, [B]Enrico Gambuccini. [/B]A later attempt to track down Gambuccini led to a second visit with Sherlock Holmes and calling in a number of favors with the Archbishop in London. The meeting with Sherlock Holmes put the detective’s full deductive powers on display. The Rippers were not the only side to leave impressed as Clancy’s pointed questions and answers to Sherlock’s questions led to the conclusion that Enrico was not in fact a criminal, but an agent for the church. Calling in several favors with the church revealed that Enrico is in fact an agent for the Vatican. This was discovered only after Sallie’s ruse to lure Jack out was set in motion.

Heading to the alley disguised as Mina, the group’s deception succeeded in provoking a response – if not exactly what they were expecting – as four vampires lept from the street rooftops in an attempt to waylay the Rippers. While the Rippers were fully prepared for the attack, Solomon put on a chilling display of lethal efficiency, tearing through the vampire pack. Defeating the vampires, but no closer to Jack, the Rippers headed back to the lodge with still more news form the morning papers announcing a recent act of defilement at the [B]Kingstead Graveyard.[/B] The import of this seemingly insignificant news (when viewed in light of Jack’s apparent return) may have been lost of the general public – but not the Rippers. [B]Kingstead Graveyard[/B] is the place where [B]Count Dracula[/B] was secretly buried after his defeat at [B]Poenari.[/B][/QUOTE]

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