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The Crossroads -- Start Here

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Quote Originally Posted by kalmarjan
Okay--full disclosure

I LOVE the Fantasy Grounds product, and even though I haven't used it much these last 6 years, I've always had it installed on my desktop and laptop.
Heck, if they had an iPhone version, I'd make the switch today. I'm not paid to do this review, the views are my own, and I just want to learn FG and share it with you.
3.2 is here folks. I've had a chance to go through it, play a game or two with it:

My three-word review?

A. May. Zing.

Know what? I prefer to play D&D with FG. I love meeting (and playing) with random people from around the world.

Some of you understand my deal - I'm 40, married, with a kid... I work full time, and opposite shift of my wife.

Perhaps you like the look of Fantasy Grounds, and just want to learn it so you can play. I've read posts where some groups use it at their table. Awesome.

Time is precious

My only problem is that I wasn't around while the developing community enhanced Fantasy Grounds. I'm far behind in my knowledge of FG to run a wicked game.

I was thinking of approaching this BLOG as part campaign diary, part learning to use FG.

I know enough about Fantasy Grounds to be dangerous, but I'm determined to learn

I've worked in the back end making graphics, I've made and converted adventure material. I've played in a few games, and DMed a bunch. The problem is that was back in the FG1/FG2 days.

Digging into XML? Straightforward for me. Trying to figure out LUA? It's like you're a level 1 rogue who is destined to become an Arcane Trickster, but the key to the arcane knowledge is scribbled in that book you're lugging around. You can catch a phrase here and there, but the rest is nothing but magic scribbles, teasing you to figure it out.

When 4e came out, I half-heartedly switched to Savage Worlds (LOVE the system, but it was hard to find players who'd try it out face to face.) I kind of forgot about role-playing for a few years and well...

So, I haven't been around these parts much.

I'm back again, and I love what I see

The problem? I've learned the nuts and bolts 5e D&D, so now it's time I learn to harness the power with FG. I figure there are many, many more people out there that are just like me.

So let's learn this together.

This is a WIP

I'm going to make mistakes. Unfortunately, I sometimes learn by a string of dumb mistakes. I bet it will be entertaining.

I'm still trying to master the rules. I'm running a weird campaign. I'm going to try and do it all in Fantasy Grounds (and a few other tools.)

Okay, I'm in. What do I do?

I'm going to make a YouTube channel. Honest. It's home will be here.

If twitch ever let's me sign into my Xbox with an account, and not throw me into an endless login/"no that's not the right password" loop, then I may even look at streaming. I think YouTube has live streaming too.

If you're reading this because you heard aboot my game, then here is the calendar entry so you can see when the next game is.

You can try Fantasy grounds for 30 days here. If you want to buy it, you can either buy either a monthly subscription, or pay a one-time pricing. Details here

If you want to play 5e, this is the place to get your core packs for play. I don't have them yet but they are on the list. I've been a player in a game where the DM had it, and making a character with it was a DREAM. If it's that cool, I can't wait to see what the DM stuff does!

I'll come back and edit this post with links to all the good stuff. For now, Welcome to the Crossroads (and Fantasy Grounds!), and I can't wait for us to have adventures together.
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    Love the excitement. Glad you're back

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