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Rob2e's "Fantasy Grounds - The Experience!"

Just goes to show ya...

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Helping out helps out. And these developers and Smiteworks personnel are PAYING ATTENTION to the community.

Great work to all the Team at Smiteworks and to all the community developers as well!

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Moon Wizard (JPG) deserves the majority of the credit here for the ruleset updates, but we had tremendous help from a huge team of community developers since it touched almost every major product and product line.

Special thanks to our community devs and to those who helped provide testing and feedback:
Lokiare, Zeus, Zacchaeus, PhantomWhale, Doswelk, Trenloe, Ikael, Dulux-Oz, Damned, viresanimi, callahan09, darrenan, spite, JohnD, chumbly, Paul Pratt, Blackfoot, Mortar, El Condoro, ianmward, LordEntrails, Willot, Nickademus, Erin Righ, Stx11, adonndel, dberkompas, Talyn, yako2020, Skellan, Mask_of_winter, Maspalio, GunnarGreybeard, rob2e, corepatt, kylania, Valarian, Andraax, MarianDz, Meliath1742, WansumBeats, BOOT KNIFE, chillman0122, Brynnan, drvolk, poobah_1, Oberoten, Dr0W, Phystus, 7H3LaughingMan, deff, gqwebb

I'm sure there are some that I'm missing.

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