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Letís Use the Combat Tracker Effect Visibility Options Extension

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Displaying Defense Effects that Apply to Damage Rolls

This is one in a series of Combat Tracker EVOE blog posts. The series index can be found here.

When I first started writing this blog I noticed a problem with the Chat display for the RESIST, VULN, and IMMUNE effects used to counteract damage rolls. EVOE now properly handles these effects and accurately reports outcomes in the Chat Window.

Damage rolls have two sets of information. The first set is data about the roll itself: the dice cast values, modifiers, and damage types. The second set of information imparts the actual damage applied after any counter actions, like resistance and immunity. The second block of information, as reported in the Chat Window, is the topic of this blog post.

Iíll provide a couple of examples to illustrate the usefulness and caveats of using the EVOE

Throughout this series I use the following settings in the Options Manager, unless otherwise specified: (1) Chat: Show GM rolls - On, (2) Chat: Show results to client - On, (3) Chat: Show roll totals - On.

Iíll start with a comparison of a dice roll with and then without the use of EVOE. In this first screenshot, a hobgoblin is dealing damage to a player character. The left panel in the screenshot is the GMís Chat Window, without EVOE. The right panel is the GMís Chat with EVOE. The center panel is the Combat Tracker common to both.

08a - No EVOE.png

Items of Interest: The hobgoblin attacked with a long sword which deals1d8+1 slashing damage. It has effects which deal +5hp lightning damage, +2hp cold damage and +4 fire damage. Farideh has immunity to lightning damage, resistance to fire damage but vulnerability to cold damage. The Combat Tracker details all of this. There are slight differences in the information displayed to the GM in the first section of data. These differences are discussed in detail in my previous blog. The second set of data in the Chat shows 10hp rather that the 15hp shown in the first data set. Lightning immunity reduces the damage by 5hp, fire resistance reduces the damage by 2hp and cold vulnerability increases the damage by 2hp. A total adjustment of 5hp less than was calculated in the first data set. Note that the data in the second data set, both when EVOE is used and when it is not used is exactly the same.

Hereís the scenario for the next example: Three characters happen upon a group of hobgoblins. A Paladin has successfully attacked one of the hobgoblins and has made his damage throw. Krystryd just finished her turn when she announced and then cast a spell on the hobgoblins making them vulnerable to cold damage. She then quietly tells A Paladin that she cast a spell, giving him the ability to deal additional cold damage. Furthermore, A Paladin has a weapon that deals lightning damage, which is known to him, but also fire damage which he does not know about. The hobgoblin has immunity to lightning damage and resistance to fire damage. All of these effects and their respective visibilities are shown in the GMs panel below.

In each of the following images the playerís Chat Window and a portion of their Combat Tracker are shown. Iíll start with Farideh who has the least information about the effects in play.

08b - Farideh.png 08c - Krystryd.png 08d - Paladin.png 08e - GM.png

Items of Interest: Farideh was out of earshot so she did not hear Krystryd speak to A Paladin; she is unaware of one of the spells Krystryd cast. In the first image, that of Faridehís, she is aware of the hobgoblinís vulnerability to cold damage, but nothing other than A Paladinís morningstar damage roll of 3hp. She believes heís dealt 3hp of damage to the hobgoblin. Next Krystrydís panel: she knows of the targetís vulnerability to cold plus A Paladinís ability to deal cold damage (she cast both spells). Given the morningstarís 3hp damage roll she expects the damage to be 7hp. Her panel highlights a shortcoming of EVOE. SORC visibility is not fully implemented yet, and frankly Iím tired of the inaccuracy! Itís on my list. Now A Paladinís panel: he expects the hobgoblin to suffer the morningstarís 3hp, 2hp of cold damage from Krystrydís spell, plus 5hp lightning damage. Then an additional 2hp because of the hobgoblinís vulnerability to cold for a total of 12hp. Finally the GMĎs panel, it displays the true damage that the hobgoblin suffers, a total of 9hp. (Iíll let you work it out.) Note that the ďPARTIALLY RESISTEDĒ clause only appears in the GM Chat since the GM is the only person privy to the RESIST and IMMUNE effects. Also note, the ďVULNERABLEĒ clause appears in the GMís and A Paladinís Chats. It should appear in Krystrydís Chat but doesnít due to the mistreatment of the SORC visibility option by EVOE.

Given the displayed information the GM should expect some player remarks. Faridehís player: ďAh.. Too bad, only 3hp damage!Ē Krystrydís player: ďWhereís the 4hp cold damage?Ē A Paladinís player: ďNice! A crappy roll of three and I still inflicted 12hp.Ē Now the GM does not need to address the difference between A Paladinís believed damage and the actual 9hp damage. No one but the GM is truly aware of the actual total damage assessed. But the GM might inform everyone, ďThere are effects in play that you might not be aware of.Ē

Thanks for your patience as I slowly bring more and more functionality to EVOE.

The Combat Tracker Effect Visibility Options Extension (EVOE) can be downloaded here.

This blog post was written using EVOE v0.1.1

Please feel free to post comments, questions and/or criticisms either here or in the forums.

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  1. Minty23185Fresh's Avatar
    At this time EVOE (v0.1.1) does not support effects related to saving throws, ability checks and skill checks. After 15 -20 hours of play test, in three or four different sessions, I have decided there are higher priorities than addressing the effects that affect these dice rolls. I plan on adding default visibilities for conditions (e.g. everyone knows when another character is prone). I also want to implement a ďhey thereís a new effectĒ warning for the GM. Iím tired of my players asking me if the effect they just applied to themselves ďworkedĒ. Default visibilities and/or GM warnings should take care of that. I hope to provide these options and more via right click menus or settings in the Options Manager or Effects Manager.
  2. MarianDz's Avatar
    Another great blog, I'm hungry for every new part about this EVOE addon. Please continue :)

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