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Kickin' it Old School

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My next project will be a revamp of the Castles & Crusades adventure U1 - Shadows of the Halfling Hall. Not totally sure, but this might be the first officially sanctioned revamp of an existing module from the Fantasy Grounds Store? Anyway, the U1 in the Store has the basics but is missing at least one of the monsters which has stat blocks in the PDF. No NPCs have tokens. No combat encounters are built. And so on.

So the deal is: I revamp U1 to modern Fantasy Grounds aesthetics, make the adventure work the way it's supposed to, then I convert U2 through U4 which will be new additions to the Store and complete the U-series of adventures.

Only a day into it, but here's some of what I've got done so far:

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Updated October 18th, 2016 at 04:25 by Talyn



  1. GunbunnyFuFu's Avatar
    Looking sharp, Talyn! I'd love to learn how to include pictures, etc. in the text..I know it's possible now, but I'm taking baby steps to learn the XML.

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